Increase the number of subscribers to INSTAGRAM without risk to health


Increase the number of subscribers to INSTAGRAM without risk to healthOften the passion for social networks leads people to inappropriate actions. In order to get as many views as possible, bloggers are ready for anything: they jump from a height, rush under the wheels of cars, spread ridiculous rumors, and even go on to stage a crime.

Police often have to intervene in a situation where bloggers commit alleged robberies or engage in fraud.

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For the sake of glory, you can make a robbery

Among the most ridiculous cases of bloggers, one can cite an attempted robbery in the city of Angarsk, Irkutsk Region. Students decided to shoot an unusual video that would gain a lot of views on Instagram. To do this, they changed into robbers. Fans of popularity infiltrated the cafe and demanded money. At the same time, they were masked and threatened a cafe employee with a gun.

When the students were paid cash, they announced that the robbery was just a joke. At that time, when one «robber» threatened personnel with weapons, his friend shot everything that was happening on camera.
The police detained the pranksters and inquired about the reasons that prompted the guys to go on such a cruel joke. In response, students explained that they wanted to capture the reaction of people to the threat to their lives. The recorded video was uploaded to the network, but then deleted.

It should be noted that such jokes can be expensive for thrill-seekers. According to article 213 of the Criminal Code of Russia, a fine of up to one million rubles, forced labor of up to 5 years, or imprisonment of up to 7 years are imposed for such behavior.

More harmless coasters

In addition to «criminal» projects, many bloggers are engaged in completely innocent forgeries, or simply speaking frauds. So one young man caught his sister on the fact that instead of playing sports, she dressed in sportswear and arranged a photo shoot.

Another Instagram blogger was convicted of posing in the park in various clothes, trying to portray that she travels a lot. The young couple was also spotted with several sets of outfits on high mountain excursions in Thailand. Dressing in various costumes, young people wanted to show their subscribers how many different places they visited. While a photo shoot with changing clothes was performed in one place.

As a result, we can say that bloggers often subordinate their whole lives to the pursuit of creating an illusion among their subscribers about how well they live. In fact, neither the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, nor the architectural monuments of antiquity interest them. Their only goal is to get the greatest number of likes under their videos.

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